Vinification in wood

What is wood vinification ?

Historically, Champagne wine was aged in oak “barrels” before being bottled. But it could also be stored in larger containers than the oak barrels we call “foudre”.

The work in the cellar consists of letting the wine rest, in order to develop more complex aromas. When the wine comes into contact with the oak, it will take on woody notes, ranging from toasted almond to vanilla, from toasted bread to cloves. The woody aromas depend on the age, size and degree of toasting of the barrel.

For example, our latest cuvée Blanc de Blancs is aged for 7 months in casks. Furthermore, the Chardonnay used in our cuvée comes from the oldest parcel in our vineyard (about 70 years old). This gives it aromas of vanilla, lemon and white flowers, making it an exceptional champagne…

Stay connected ! In a few months, a new cuvée vinified in wood will appear in our range…

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