Extra Brut

A natural escape

To the eye

The foam is abundant when serving. The continuous effervescence feeds a thin cord against the gob of glass. The colour is a light peach yellow. The wine is crystalline.

On the nose

Fresh and expressive, the first nose opens up with a profile of slightly ripe white fruit, accompanied by dried fruit. The finish has a floral touch.

On the palate

The attack on the palate is fresh with a nice liveliness. Touches of yellow pomelos complete the aromatic bouquet perceived on the nose. The aftertaste surprises by its balance and purity.

Extra Brut

A harmony between pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay, characterised by absolute balance. The Extra Brut is aged for four years in the Jeangout cellars for a champagne without the addition of dosage liqueur.