100% Meunier

A balanced escape

To the eye

The foam is creamy and abundant. The effervescence is very active. The colour is a beautiful golden yellow with copper highlights. The wine is limpid and brilliant.

On the nose

Powerful and structured, the first nose reveals the beautiful maturity of this wine. When aired, the wine opens up with a profile of spring honey and candied blood orange. The finish has a touch of spices (white pepper).

On the palate

A first mouth reveals all the aromatic richness of this wine. A pastry, white bread character is subtly married to a touch of rose jam. A return of the acidic character gives a beautiful fresh and persistent finish.

100% Meunier

The Meunier grape variety gives the champagne softness and freshness. These three years in the cellar give it greed and flavor for a sensation of harmony in the mouth.