A colourful escape

To the eye

When served, a fine and persistent effervescence. The robe, of a beautiful intensity, is of a beautiful cherry pink colour. The limpidity is perfect.

On the nose

An open, elegant and greedy nose opens on a soft fruitiness. When aired, notes of small red fruits (cherry, redcurrant). On the finish, a discreet touch of barley sugar.

On the palate

The palate is round and supple, underlined by a beautiful freshness. Floral notes and dry foliage accompany perfectly the fruity character of the wine. The long finish leaves a nice balance between delicacy and residual freshness.


A classic blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay combined with a red champagne hillside. The brut rosé is aged for three years in the Jeangout cellars in order to obtain a fruity and aromatic encounter.